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What Are Filler Packages?

We understand that maintaining your looks can be costly, that’s why we offer all our clients filler packages, which allows you to have more than one treatment at a time and at a discounted price.

These treatments are all safe as they are done using hyaluronic acid which is already found in our bodies. The treatments last between 6-18 months depending on the area treated, as well as your own metabolism rate and, this varies from patient to patient.

Areas Included In The Filler Packages
– Lips

– Nose

– Cheeks

– Tear trough

– Jawline

– Chin

– Smile lines

What Does The Treatment Involve?
The treatment is carried out by using a needle to inject the filler into certain areas of the face, providing well suited results according to the patients requirements.
– Instant results

– Pain is mild (with use of numbing cream)

– More value for money

– Able to do more than one treatment at once, no need for multiple appointments

– Recovery time not needed (depending on treatment)

What Happens On The Day?
We start with a thorough consultation to assess your face and listen to what you want to achieve. We always offer our professional advice, and come to an agreement on how much filler will be used before starting your bespoke treatment.
Side Effects?
The side effects will vary depending on which treatment you choose on the day however, our aesthetician will talk you through it all. Alternatively, you can check out our pages for each treatment for more information.
What If I’m Unhappy With The Result?
All treatment are reversible.
How much filler do I need?
We start every appointment with a full face assessment, we can then advise on how much filler is required to achieve the result you want. The amount of filler needed differs from person to person, so we advise all clients wanting to go for a filler package to book for 3ml. If we decide that you may need more filler, we will work out the difference in price and take it from there.
How Much Does Treatment Cost?

3ml  £830

4ml   £990

5ml   £1,250

6ml   £1,450

7ml   £1,640

8ml   £1,840

9ml   £1,990

10ml  £2,200


Treatment time

15 – 60 Minutes


Instant Results


No Recovery Time Needed




From £830

results last

Approx. 6 – 18 Months

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frequently asked questions

why choose dermamina?
We have a 100% success rate, and are renowned for providing natural looking results, and being completely honest with our clients. If we feel a treatment is not suitable for you, we will not recommend for you to go ahead with it.
How much filler do i need?
With every appointment we start with a full face assessment, where after carefully listening to what you are looking to achieve, we can advise on how many mls are required. The amount of filler needed can defer from person to person, depending on what results you want to achieve. Therefore if unsure, we recommend you book for a 3ml filler package, as we can work out the difference on the day.

Example: On the day we may advise 5ml is needed, and once we come to an agreement we will start with the treatment, in which case if you have booked just for 3ml then we can work out difference in price.

does the treatment hurt?
We use numbing cream to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Based on all our previous patients, the pain is mild & some patients felt no pain at all.

Can i do the treatment after consultation?
Yes, in most cases treatment can take place straight after your consultation.
how long is recovery?
No recovery time needed. You can get straight back to your daily routine, without taking time off work.

Please note there may be some bruising in some areas such as lips.

is the treatment safe?
Yes it is safe. The filler used is a hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar molecule that occurs naturally in the human body. Risk is involved due to the area being complex but everything will fully be explained in the consultation before the treatment. Your safety is our number one priority.
Are there any side effects?
No major side effects.

The ares treated may feel slightly tender and sore for a few days, and sometimes bruising,

What if i am unhappy with the results?
All treatments are reversible if required.
How long does it last?
Results tend to last 6-18 months, depending on the area treated. This varies from person to person as it’s dependent on the patients metabolism.
Will there be any marks or bruising?
Depending on the area treated, some areas may bruise but this rarely happens.

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